Smart Movers Canada

電話號碼: 647-995-7177
郵政代碼: L9B 1Z2
市鎮: 多倫多
省區: 安大略省
在線地圖: 查看大圖
Web Directory No.LK-54978-3170
Smart Movers Canada is one of the leading relocation companies in Canada. We provide a variety of specialized services for residential and corporate clients and are exceptionally skilled in moving apartments, condominiums, homes, retail stores, warehouses, and many other facilities. Our team uses the most modern technical equipment available to perform duties ranging in complexity. Our responsible employees and performance driven movers work hard to guarantee you maximum effort and care at all phases of the transportation process. Each client receives a free consultation and an on-site appraiser to ensure that they are not overcharged.

Benefits of booking your move with Smart Movers Canada:
Professionalism. Our team is trained to handle any type of move and any type of valuables, including pianos, antiques, pool tables, safes. If you need us to help you pack, we will come a couple of days in advance to ensure that all objects are packed and labelled properly, so that no object is harmed during relocation.

Competence. We manage the entire moving process from start to finish and make sure that the transport will occur at your convenience and as fast as possible.

Dependable. We understand that you are trusting us with your valuable possessions, and we know that you have deadlines to match as well. For these reasons, we quickly and carefully pack and move all of your valuables while keeping you informed through the entire process.
Insurance. Smart Movers is financially responsible if any valuables are damaged during relocation. We self-insure all items and use only the best equipment and packing materials available to further protect your possessions.

Experienced and Licensed Employees. All of our workers are friendly, fully trained, have many years of experience dealing with all types of moving, and are familiar working with the latest moving equipment. We employ only the best and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.
Personalized Experience. Not every move is the same, yet the common factor in all relocation is stress. We try to remove this negative feeling as much as possible by responding quickly to all client needs. Each client is also paired with a manager who will guide them through the relocation process. All problematic events are foreseen and taken care of before the issue arises.

Affordable Prices. We are very competitive with our prices. Our top grade services do not mean expensive prices. We try to keep moving cost as close as possible to the client’s budget, while still providing the best services possible. On a bi-yearly basis we perform research to ensure that our prices are the best in the industry.
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