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In 1995, with interests in several restaurants and two dinner theatres, we had grown to a point where it was time to consolidate our management system. We had a really strong group of people, and we worked very well together, but it was time to clearly define what we stood for, and to create one entity which would embody the guiding principles by which we would manage our growth.

As inspiration often comes as a result of effort we found ourselves doing research for a new concept location in a fantastic BBQ restaurant in Raleigh North Carolina. We started discussing Tom Peter's book In Pursuit of Wow. We realized that his philosophy encapsulated what we wanted to achieve, so what followed the book and found our new name, and the principles upon which we predicated of the Six Stars of WOW!

To WOW! you, we've got to make everything memorable. To do this we need motivated staff, so we create a work atmosphere that WOW!'s them. We WOW! our suppliers so we can ensure great quality food. We believe it's our duty to give something back and WOW! the community. And we are not afraid to WOW! our competitors by setting a high standard for excellence.

When we WOW! our customers, we feel good about that - not only doing a good job, but also being appreciated for it, so we in turn WOW! ourselves.

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